***New Anti-Fog Coating ***

For all ask wearers, that's most of us now! New Anti-Fog coating. 

Due to demand and numerous requests we have can now offer a coating the resists/stops misting us when wearing masks, helmets and visors. Our lens manufacturer has released the new anti-fog coating to us, available on all lenses, it includes only the anti-scratch and cannot have the anti-glare, ultra-clean or blue-v included, sorry! 

Anti-fog lenses are treated with urethane based thermal cure dip, combining water sheeting and anti-fog performance whilst maintaining good anti-scratch resistance. 

  • Lenses are specially made so take around 5 days to be made. 
  • Only available with anti-scratch.
  • No Anti-glare, Ultra-clean or Blue-V available with this coating. 
  • Reduces smudging and steaming up stays cleaner and easier to clean
  • Includes UV, Anti-Scratch (HC).
  • This cannot be added to lenses after they have been made.
  • Great for wears with visors, # helmets and moisture chamber glasses too.

Feels free to call and ask about these lenses. 

The coating costs £34 extra on top of the lens price.