Reglazed Customer Frames.

New Gucci frame with Elite HD Varifocal, ultra-thin with Purple/Burgundy tint and Ultra-clean.. amazing.



RayBan frame with No-Line Bifocal, tinted with Red/Flame mirror. 

How good do these look. 


Oakley Frogskin Lite with prescription mirror coated tinted lenses, a perfect match, better than new! 




DITA frames with graduated tinted polarized lenses with flash gold mirror. No images do this fantastic pair any justice! A specific request from a customer with bespoke lens, not even available on the website. Brilliant to look through too! 




A specific tint wanted for cycling for this customer (50% yellow tint with Gold Mirror) so they turned to us to do it...worth doing the research and coming to us, they look amazing. 




Oakley frame with high index brown polar complex prescription lenses and Rose gold mirror. Somene's going to be pleased! 



Bifocal grey tint with Red Flame mirror, Stunning.


Gold mirror, full 85% tinted lenses into an Oakley frame. All for £66!

Gold mirror on polarised prescription lenses into an Oakley frame, a perfect match.

Rose Gold Mirror Coated prescription lenses, ready for the summer!


Persol 714 (folding model) with prescription,tint graduated lenses. Just about perfect?


Fantastic wooden frame with mirror coated varifocals. One of our favourites!


Gucci frame reglazed with prescription lenses. The high street Opticians refused to do it, it was impossible!!


Rejuvenated Bvulgari sunglasses with a new set of gold mirrored lenses, (prescription) to replaced old and scratched pair. 


Some brilliant stuff we've done recently!

Mykita frames with new lenses. Perfect!

Varifocal rimless with Adaptive Mirror heading to a lucky customer in Monaco.


Lovely Michael Kors frame with new prescription mirror coated lenses, great match.


This one was for the Boss, a carbon fibre frame with polarised varifcoals with mirror coating.


Another beauty...a little unusual too...


Wow.. high index tinted in to new frame....


Rayban with prescription tinted sapphire mirro coated lenses.


Prescription tinted sapphire mirror coated lenses.

Classic D&G sunglasses with prescription tinted, mirror coated lenses.


Oakley Feedback with polarized mirror coated (sapphire) prescription lenses.


RayBan tinted high-index lenses. 

Oakley Thirteen rimless with high index blue-v coated lenses.

Another pair of Ray Ban's with Varifocal tinted with mirror coating (sapphire), brilliant.

Fabulous pair of Ray Bans fitted with prescription polarized mirror coated (sapphire) lenses.


Polaris reglaze, customer told there was no one that could reglaze the frame! The end result was brilliant.


Oakley Valve in Camouflage with an unusual prescription combination that works brilliantly!


Gucci, pink sparkle frames with high index transition lenses.


Prada sunglasses brought back to life with new lenses!


Lovely Adaptive Transition in to Oakley Conductor


Two pairs of Oakley, with high index tinted mirror lenses...great look.


Very rarely do we see frame where we all think they're genius. These are....

The fronts are cut from a Vinyl can even choose which record..

Adaptive Mirror..nice!

Another Oakley job done today with adaptive mirror.


The guys in the lab have a done a great job with this one! High prescription with very high cyl figures too in varifocals. The customer was told they couldn't be done!

Brilliant job!


Red Bull Racing frames with mirror coated prescription lenses. Wicked!

A lovely pair of Michael Kors, with transition and gold mirror.  Before.



Standard thickness lenses tinted with Sapphire Mirror in over the counter sunglass frame...

Something a little different, lovely quality frame with high index single vision lenses..

Beautiful Tiffany frames with High Index Tinted lenses with custom glaze!


Lindsay Lowe, glow in the dark glasses with high index transition lenses.

Oakley Fast Jacket 2, mirror/tinted prescription lenses.

Flak 2 with Adaptive Mirror, prescription lenses.



Really nice Rayban rimless wrap from with adaptive mirror lenses.


New Mirror colours, look really good. 



Oakley Flak Jacket 2, polar, mirror red/flame.

Jawbone, vented, adaptive mirror! 

A really nice pair of single vision polarized (brown) lenses with a red mirror. Lovely!

HalfJacket 2 with high index transitions and adaptive mirror..Brilliant.


Vented prescription lenses for Oakley frame, look and work brilliantly.




Oakley with Varifocal, Polarized and Blue mirror.


Oakley Bottle Cap with prescription polarized mirror coated lenses, a beaut!


Oakley X Metal with high index polarized and a mirror!


Another pair of adaptive mirrors, this time, XtrActive Grey Varifocal, 1.67 Index with a Blue mirror into a Rayban frame.


Really nice Catier frame with Transition Green and Gold Mirror, they look fantastic, the pictures don't do then justice!!

Oakley Jawbone, XtrActive Transition, Red Flame mirror.

Oakley Flak Jacket, Yellow high index lenses, UC coating.


Rayban with brown tinted, flame mirror prescription lenses. Great!

1.74 Single Vision tinted with UC into Oakley Holbrook... great result!!

XtrActive Elite thin Varifocal with Ultra-clean great combination, rimless too.


Really nice Polo Ralph Lauren frame with the fantatsic adaptive mirror. In this case 1.67 Transition in Grey with the (subtle) Gunmetal mirror. We Love it!


Started to change:



Another really nice Oakley Cosslink, with adaptive mirror, pictures showing the before and after!!




Here's an unusual one for you. 1.67 Transition with Gold mirror (adaptive mirror) in high prescription ( -7.00 ish) in to  a pair of specialist goggles. Tough to glaze, using our step bevel mechanism set up. Brilliant.


Nice! Double apheric 1.74 with Blue-V, almost no edge thickness at all!

A lovely Oakley Turbine, with single vision Polarized and a Red/Flame mirror. This customer has come back for his second pair. We've placed the Oakley original lens in front to show how good the match is. A brilliant job we think?



Here's a complicated one for you, lovely TAG frame with Single Vision, Polarized Mixed index right to left, Red/flame mirror, high cyls -5.50.


Hi Index, 1.74 Double Aspheric +8.00's!


Polar Red mirror Varifocals hi-index!


Polar Green with rear MAR stnadrad index, into Oakley Frame.


Polarized hi-index gunmetal mirror into Oakley Juliet


Red Flame tinted Varifocals


Blue Mirror on Grey Polar hi index lenes.

Adaptive Red Mirror on Varifocals, amazing.

Sports wrap with mirror.